>Sketch Every Day: 7.3.11


One of the things I love about this 365 project, is that my sketchbook has become a journal or diary of sorts. How often would I be able to pause and reflect on the day, what I did, what I was thinking about, how I was feeling…if I weren’t committed to taking a moment to sketch something (and post about it) every day? Flipping through the sketchbooks and reading the blog entries, I am reminded of moments in my life – whether it’s personal or work-related, exciting occasions or even the somewhat mundane day-to-day occurrences, it is still a snapshot of my life, nonetheless. 

Today I took a break from design proofs, client correspondence, project planning and all the work-related tasks associated with running my own business (seven days a week)…to enjoy the long weekend with my family, friends and neighbors. I meant to post this from my iphone on the beach…and vowed not to even turn on my computer…but we ended up getting home a little earlier than planned…and since I always tend to write little novellas, I thought it would be easier to post from my laptop.

A few years ago, we were invited by our friends, Tina and Dennis, to be a part of their July 3rd tradition of staking out a spot at Bahia Point, spending the whole day with our families at the beach, and waiting for the breathtaking fireworks display right above us in the bay. It was so much fun…now many of our friends and neighbors look forward to the annual event…it’s quite the party! This year, the fireworks were cancelled a couple of days before….which was a bummer since the whole point of securing a spot early in the morning, is to get the best waterfront view of the fireworks (since the barge where the fireworks are launched is right there in the bay). But the whole day was still wonderful and everyone had a great time.

Today’s sketch was done while chatting with my friends and relaxing in a lawn chair, sipping on my husband’s now-famous “watermelon-juice” concoction and enjoying an amazing spread of delicious goodies.

Daddy and Isaac on a leisurely kayak ride.
Shuggie looks relaxed.
All the neighborhood kiddos having a blast.
Yay for red, white and blue sprinkles on frosted sugar cookies!

We barely saw Mason today, he was having such a great time with his buddies and looking for creatures. He found some shrimp and caught a little fish with his bare hands.

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