>Sketch Every Day: 6.28.11


My boys love going on nature hikes and looking for little critters…they are fascinated by how they look and move, what they eat and especially how some of them “transform”. Their favorites are tadpoles and caterpillars. A few of weeks ago, they came home with a mason jar full of tadpoles…eager to see them grow legs and turn into frogs.  We have two healthy pet toads (Jelly and Belly) that started as big tadpoles from Petco (over a year ago when Mason lost his first tooth, he decided he wanted to use his tooth fairy money to buy tadpoles as pets…who knew they’d do so well and we’d now have toads)

Yesterday, the boys came home with the prettiest caterpillar I’ve seen around here. Usually, we get the fuzzy, black spiky or black/orange variety…still very pretty and it’s amazing to see them go through metamorphosis. But this one was different…green and black with bright yellow spots, looks like a Swallowtail, perhaps?

And speaking of “transforming”….the boys (yes, Daddy included) and I are SUPER excited to see Transformers 3…hopefully tomorrow if I can get all my work done in time to catch a matinee.

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