>Sketch Every Day: 6.25.11 & Quick DIY Painted Sandals


I just scored another pair of $15 summer shoes. Yay! A couple of weeks ago, I got a cool pair of sandals at Target for $14.99…and last week I found this super cute pair of espadrilles-wedge sandals at Payless. They were originally $26.99, but on sale for $14.99. They’re very sweet and pretty, with a light-buttery-yellow canvas and adorable, striped-fabric bow embellishment. But when I got home, I realized I really didn’t have anything light and airy or summery enough to wear with them…which means I would need to go out and buy an outfit (and that kind of defeats the purpose of getting a deal on shoes). Besides, I’m not really a pastel and soft, light colors kind of gal. 

If you’ve seen some of my Pinterest pins, you’ll notice that I have an obsession with mustard yellows (especially combined with navy, fuschia, gray or camel/brown). So, I decided to paint the espadrilles the yellow color that is more “me.” I already have the paint (understatement)…and well, if I screwed it up…I could just paint over it…no biggie, they’re $15 (yeah, so I’ll refrain from three lattes and we’ll call it even).  

At first, I thought I’d do some crazy pattern, maybe some retro-mod geometric in teal over the mustard yellow. But I don’t have time for all that (I always have work to do, a business to run, and wedding deadlines right now are crazy), so I just wanted a quick fix. I figured I’d make a “stencil” using one of my decorative paper punches. I have this really lovely scalloped-edge-lace-eyelet patterned punch by Martha Stewart that I found randomly at Marshall’s a couple of years ago (I think it was $3). I’ve barely used it, so I thought…sure why not?

Materials: Tulip brand matte, soft fabric paint in Gold Tan, paint brush, a Martha Stewart decorative edge paper punch, some cardstock and tape.

To make the “stencil” I punched some scrap pieces of metallic cardstock (metallic or glossy stocks work great for this type of small-scale stenciling since it resists absorption of water or paint a little better than matte).

Using a clothespin to pin up the bow, I painted on the fabric paint.
The paint needs to dry for a little bit (4 hours is recommended, but I only waited about 30 min….til it was dry to the touch), and then…
…I taped on the stencil and filled in with white paint (using a small brush) and outlined the shape of the stencil.

I cleaned up some of the lines and added dots using a tiny brush…using a fabric pen or squeezing on dots with a fine tipped applicator of 3D or puffy fabric paint would probably work nicely).
Done! So cute and unique…more “me”…
I’m thinking I may change the bow color…hmmmm, maybe teal or turquoise would be fun.  We’ll see.
I always let the kids use my leftover paints…no paint gets wasted around here!

Check out these beautiful tulips I spied at Trader Joe’s last night.  A mauve-coral pink with mustard yellow…so different!  Told you I’m lovin’ mustard yellow right now!
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One Response to >Sketch Every Day: 6.25.11 & Quick DIY Painted Sandals

  1. Brandie says:

    >I would have never even thought to do that! You're so talented and the shoes look so much cuter now!

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