>Sketch Every Day: 6.24.11


Tonight was supposed to be a “Mommy-Daddy-Shuggie” date night – dinner out at a place chosen by Shuggie (the nickname everyone calls our 4 year-old, Isaac), a quick shopping trip to pick up some things for tomorrow’s family dinner, and then home to watch a movie, have popcorn and snacks…and some snuggle time. Big bro, Mason, is at Cousin PJ’s for a sleepover…so tonight was going to be all about Shuggie. 

He chose Panda Express (that kid luvs him some orange chicken, and since Mason does not like PE at all, we had a feeling it would be Isaac’s first choice). I was kinda hoping for Indian or Thai, which Shuggie loves too (my kids are pretty good about trying different things and they’ll eat anything: Korean BBQ, Indian curries, Vietnamese and Thai noodles, Taiwanese “snacks” – but they especially love sushi and Dim Sum)

And for the movie, he wanted to watch “Rio.” Sounds good to me! I was excited to get home and start our movie night. At the store, I felt a little nostalgic for some freshly popped popcorn….remember the way popcorn was made before microwaves? My dad would pop popcorn for my slumber parties, sometimes he used Jiffy Pop, but most of the time he did it old school, with oil and corn kernels in a big metal pot. And he would season it with butter and salt…and perhaps some Lawry’s seasoning or some Cajun spices…SO yummy!

We ended up just getting some microwaveable kettle corn packets, but I really do want to try homemade popcorn one of these days with the kids…for sure this summer.

And by the time we drove up to our house, Shuggie was fast asleep in his car seat, exhausted from a day of playing with his neighborhood pals. So now it’s turning into a “Mommy-Daddy” date night, with a “grown-up” movie (or maybe we’ll catch up on Game of Thrones). I feel a bit sad, I was looking forward to some snuggle time with my Shuggie – sharing a big bowl of kettle corn, laughing and giggling at those silly birds in the movie, eating molasses cookies with ice cold milk, holding him close as he fell asleep…my sweet little boy.

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One Response to >Sketch Every Day: 6.24.11

  1. Makala says:

    >Oh my suggie bear! I lovee him. (: sooo sleepyyy.

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