>Sketch Every Day: 6.23.11


More cross sketches for an upcoming project…these are for decorative (not religious) purposes.  The client has a lot of Spanish/Gothic elements in their home decor, so they are considering these as painted ornamentation on an outdoor fireplace. 

I meant to post these on Father’s Day, but didn’t get around to it (got carried away raving about that watermelon drink)…here are the wonderful cards my boys made for their daddy…

Gotta love the “tie card”…even though most Dads we know haven’t worn a tie to work in years!
Cutest card “evr”

Isaac made a tie card too.
A framed picture by Isaac.
The cover of a coupon booklet Mason made for Daddy.  Hey, Mase…Moms like coupon books too!
“Wallsh on the cars”

“Clean the back yard”
“A masdg on the back”

“It’s all about my dad” by Mason
Xbox 360 and Kinect are fun things to do.
Sports drawings by Mason

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