>Sketch Every Day: 6.18.11 and 6.19.11


It’s been a busy weekend, so here’s another post with 2 sketches…plus some yummy food photos from our family Father’s Day celebration:

The boys and I served Daddy breakfast in bed: scrambled “cheesy” eggs, hot links (and bacon cooked with the hot link grease), sourdough English muffins with butter, cantaloupe, boysenberries, and strong coffee.
Always a big hit around our house….anything wrapped with bacon.  Here we made bacon-wrapped scallops with spicy mayo sauce. 

The spread: fresh pineapple, seaweed salad, bacon-wrapped scallops, teriyaki salmon, sauteed spinach, pineapple-bourbon shrimp, salt/pepper chicken wings and calamari, steamed rice.

Another view of the amazing “seafood”….when I “see” it, I wanna eat it.

Today’s sketch is of a watermelon, since that was the main topic of discussion at our Father’s Day “DynOmite” dinner. With a trifecta of Aaron (my husband), Jeff (our good friend or “brother from another mother”, as we like to call him) and Mark (our brother-in-law)you can only imagine the level of innovative and interesting ideas that are flowing around here when we all get together. They’re all designers, very talented and creative, and wonderful Dads. So we had a really fun time celebrating them today. We were missing our other brother-in-law, Charlie, to round out this really awesome crew. He is a super soccer coach and was away at a tournament for our niece’s team.

So last night, at Jeff’s daughter’s birthday party, Jeff and Aaron were talking about recipes where fruits or vegetables are infused with alcohol. Jeff knows his way around a kitchen like no other and is the creator of all the amazing cakes (or works of art) for our birthday parties and celebrations. He had mentioned making fruit or vegetable “cocktails” to serve at a midday wedding reception…so instead of drinking early in the day, guests were treated to assorted fruits “enhanced” with flavors and served in martini glasses as an edible instead of a beverage. Inspired, on the way home from the party, Aaron bought a watermelon, cut a small hole, inserted a funnel and added about 1/2 a bottle of rum.

I wondered how the watermelon could even soak up the rum, since it already contains so much juice, but it poured in without a problem. Aaron taped up the hole where the funnel had been, and rotated the watermelon several times throughout the next day. Today, right before everyone showed up for our Father’s Day dinner, he cut it open and scooped out the watermelon, macerated it a little and strained out the juice. The result, a delightfully refreshing and delicious watermelon juice where all traces of the “taste” of the alcohol is almost completely neutralized by the fruit. Don’t know why or how, but it’s amazing! I could see how this would be perfect for a brunch or summer BBQ, (or it could be pretty dangerous since you can’t taste the rum at all)!  Aaron and Jeff tried/discussed some variations for serving it, including grated fresh ginger (which was really good), pineapple chunks, squeeze of lime, or as a martini with a spicy “pico de gallo” salt-rimmed glass. And the color was beautiful…I could totally see this as a signature drink for a wedding or bridal shower. 

And don’t worry, we had some regular “unflavored” slices for the kids, cut from a separate watermelon.

Yesterday’s sketch is of Jeff’s daughter, Makala, who turned 15 yesterday. The kids had a blast at her birthday party…and the cupcakes that Jeff made? OMG, those are going to require a dedicated post.  All I can say is “peanut butter chocolate cupcakes with Reese’s peanut butter cup hidden in the middle”…to die for! 

We all love Makala, we’ve known her since she was very little and have watched her grow into a sweet, kind, smart, creative and responsible young lady. The boys love it when she babysits and she’s always been so helpful with everything from taking care of the kids, helping out at all the birthday parties and even assisting me with some of my projects. Happy Birthday, Makala!  We’re all so proud of you and so glad that you’re part of our “family”!

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