>Sketch Every Day: 6.17.11


Well, I guess since school’s out, Summer vacay is officially here. I’m pretty much booked for the summer with invitations, weddings and painting projects, so I don’t think I’ll be taking any trips any time soon (although, I desperately need a break….help!). But I did actually “think” about a swimsuit. Not that I can even remember the last time I actually wore one (was it last Summer, 4th of July weekend….has it been that long?). I live in sunny So Cal…so you would think we practically live in our swimsuits around here. 

Anyhoo…if I’ve got to think about squeezing into a swimsuit, I want to find one that’s not only “me” style-wise, but comfy and cute. With my new, short, a-line bob with bangs haircut (thanks Estella!), I think something like this would be fun (I’ve always loved the retro vintage look, and a little ruffle goes a long way in helping out certain “areas”…plus my new color obsession is mustard yellow).  Anybody seen anything out there like this…but not expensive, since I’ll probably only wear it a couple of times this season? If only I knew how to sew, really well.

Speaking of Summer, swimsuits and water fun…here’s a sketch PJ (6) sent me today…

Someone’s ready for beach days!

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