>Sketch Every Day: 6.16.11


It’s Graduation/Promotion Day for many of our friends and neighbors…today was Mason’s last day of First Grade, and tomorrow Isaac “graduates” from Preschool. I can’t believe the school year is already over. It’s just flown by! In a few months, I’ll have a Second Grader and a Kindergartner.  My nephew will be in High School, my niece in Middle School, and my other niece in First Grade. Unreal! It really feels like a blink of an eye.

As I was sketching this tonight, I wondered if any graduating class has ever tiled images onto the top of their caps…so that if you looked down (like a bird’s eye view or aerial shot) on all the Graduates sitting and waiting for their names to be called, it would appear to form a single, collective image. I’m sure it’s been done before…I’m just too tired and it’s too late, I didn’t have a chance to Google it. If you find out, let me know…I’m curious.

Mason and Isaac on the 1st day of First Grade.
Mason today on the last day of First Grade (he looks a little taller, but he’s missing more teeth).

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