>Sketch Every Day: 6.10.11


I’ve always had this strange fantasy of traveling the world and leaving my mark on any boring, white, unpainted wall in each hotel I stayed. I would be known as the “Painting Bandit…changing the world, one wall at a time”…the only trace being a trail of pretty finishes and murals, perhaps the occasional empty box of chocolates left in the waste bin and a lip gloss stained coffee cup. I’ve stayed at some hotels, where I was tempted to paint a quick mural, or fix some scuffed/chipped paint, or rearrange some artwork, maybe just freshen up the paint a little with a new, dramatic color. I’m sure most people would find it to be an improvement…or maybe no one would notice at all, thinking it was part of the original decor. But I guess if I got caught, it could be considered defacement or vandalism. So until I can actually find a work-around (and until I have a million bucks to just pack up my family and start traveling), I guess it shall remain my strange, little, alter-ego-super-hero fantasy.  But, I did see a post today about an artist who randomly stitches poems onto clothing at thrift stores…they call it “poetry bombing“…hmmmm….

…And speaking of strange…tonight during dinner, Mason put one of his taquitos on top of a piece of note paper, and was then amazed by the mark the grease had left behind. He thought it was so cool that his food could make an artistic impression. So much so, that he forgot about eating and immediately grabbed a pen and started tracing the outline of the grease marks. I love that he sees art in everything, but taquito grease?

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