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As a designer, I’m lucky to be surrounded by a network of really creative, talented, and inspiring people who offer fresh, hip and unique perspectives on just about everything and anything you can think of. Some, I’ve had a chance to work for or collaborate with on projects. Some offer services and products that I use myself and have nothing but glowing reviews about. Some do things that I think are just really cool. Whatever it is, they’re doing it with love and that’s what I absolutely LOVE!!! Oprah had her “favorite things”…well, I’ve got nothin’ but LOVE!!!

And just so you know, I don’t have advertisers or sponsors on this blog and nothing you see here is a paid endorsement. I just want to share some of the things I LOVE with you.

Today’s LOVE!!! post is about Be Beauty Boutique in Downtown San Diego. Lots of “June Gloom” here today, but I know warm and sunny days are just around the corner. And if you want to get spruced up and ready for summer – beach days, backyard barbecues, hot date nights, weddings, etc….then you’ve got to check out Be Beauty for all your beauty needs.

Friends often ask me where I get some of the stylish and unique dresses I’ve worn in our family photos shoots and to parties/events. They’re all from Be Beauty. Yep, such as the fabulous aubergine zipper dress from our 2010 photos…

Photo by http://www.lot116.com
…And the striking cobalt blue strapless from our 2011 photos…

Photo by http://www.lot116.com
If you saw me at my 20th high school reunion last summer, or my bro-in-law Jay’s wedding last April, you saw dresses from Be Beauty. Whenever I need something really cool to wear, I can count on Be Beauty to “style” me for any occasion or event…everything they offer has a price tag that won’t break the bank…AND you won’t see anyone else wearing the same thing! 

Tara and Juju, Owners of Be Beauty
I first met Juju and Tara, owners of Be Beauty, at a beauty “soirée” hosted by my friend Irene. We hit it off immediately, sharing a lot in common as women entrepreneurs/business owners. Juju has a young daughter, so we talked about juggling work and running our own businesses with being mommies and wives. A few months later, Juju called me about meeting with them to discuss some decorative painting for the salon/boutique they were about to open Downtown in one of the charming and historic Fir Street Cottages of Little Italy…and ever since then, it’s become a wonderful friendship, working relationship…and I can count on them to help me look my best. It’s been so fun working on lovely painting projects in Be Beauty’s Boutique and Jardim…and knowing Juju and Tara is like having my own stylist, make-up artist and skin-care specialist in one…they always make me look and feel like a star.
Be Beauty offers beauty services such as facials, waxing, makeup, manicures and pedicures. The Boutique features a great fashion collection by local designers and artisans, handmade accessories, handbags, hats, swimsuits, jewelry, shoes and even some children’s items. The Jardim is a lovely and sweet place to stop by for a cup of tea, relax outdoors by the fountain, and shop for beautiful home decor accessories, candles, soaps, teas and gifts. And if you’re looking for a place to host a bridal shower or girls’ night, Be Beauty Soirées are a perfect way to get pampered with your gals before you enjoy a night on the town.

These are some photos I snapped with my iphone earlier this week after my “summer sprucing” before my wedding anniversary. I just LOVE the feel of the Boutique and Jardim, Tara and Juju have done a great job of designing and decorating…they are quite the DIY-ers (and you may see some of the painting work I did in the photos). Be sure to check out Be Beauty…I’m sure you’ll LOVE it as much as I do.

P.S. – I’m totally getting that bag next time I go in!  I’m in love with mustard yellow right now!


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