>Sketch Every Day: 6.6.11


Worked on a painting project for a client tonight…and as I was cleaning up, I noticed I had some leftover paint on my palette (actually a paper plate).  Since I hate seeing paint go to waste, I used it for tonight’s quick little sketch-a-roo, which I think would be cute painted or embroidered onto a (heart-shaped) pillow.  

Lately, Mason’s been working on “t-shirt drawings” which he has told me (repeatedly) that I need to “make into shirts so I can sell them.” He has a whole pile of artwork that I’m supposed to make into shirts…and he’s convinced half of the kids in the neighborhood to do the same (which explains why they were coloring like crazy during our neighborhood Memorial Day BBQ). Now, when the kids see me, instead of saying, “Hi Mrs. Katie”…it’s “did you make my shirts, yet?”  Geez, these young entrepreneurs are pushy!

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