>Sketch Every Day: 6.5.11


Last night, I had the rare pleasure of joining some of the fabulous team from last month’s Santa Margarita Ranch Wedding, as well as the Newlyweds themselves (Tess and Andrew), for an after-wedding “reunion” of sorts. I say “rare” because this doesn’t happen very often. I’ve been a stationery designer in the wedding industry for over 10 years now, and I’ve never heard of a group of vendors having a post-wedding get-together with the Bride and Groom to socialize, eat, drink, preview wedding photos and videos, and reminisce about all the amazing details of that special day. But this wedding was like no other, everyone who was a part of it was awesome, and Tess and Andrew are just the coolest couple – EVER! I’m sure the other vendors would agree with me, but Tess and Andrew (now known as “T&A”) didn’t treat us like vendors…from day one we were like family and close friends…it was an honor to be included in this wonderful celebration with this incredible group of people.  It was so much fun to hear the stories and perspectives from all the talented people involved…and to see how much Tess and Andrew enjoyed their wedding day.

Bauman Photographers hosted the gathering at their studio (p.s. – the photos are stunning, gorgeous, unbelievable). Joe Park, the cinematographer (a.k.a “Chef-ographer”), prepared an delicious meal…for a foodie like me, I was in seventh heaven (pork tacos with mango salsa, coconut shrimp, lamb sliders).  I was impressed that Heather Elise, photographer and videographer, was able to hang out…since she had to run the Rock ‘N Roll Half Marathon this morning (Tess and Andrew were also in San Diego to cheer on Tess’ sister and brother-in-law during the marathon). And of course, it was fabulous to see my good pals Jessica and John Gillon of Events by Design (who put together this amazing team and coordinated this perfect wedding)…but I did miss my seeing “roomie” Marjeri Smith.

What a great time we had…and it was so nice of Tess and Andrew to take the time and let us know, in person, how much they loved their wedding. I was already glowing from the love-fest and being in the company of such “good peeps”…and then Tess and Andrew presented me with this…

I got teary-eyed…what a beautiful, sweet and thoughtful gift and note. I LOVE IT! I have no words to adequately express how this gesture made me feel…just so loved and appreciated. The note alone would have had me over-the-moon happy, but this delicate and lovely necklace will remind me of what a special experience this has been.  Thank you, T&A!  XOXO!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Wonderful Katie. I think you were told many years ago that "those that do great work, get more great work to do." I was paraphrasing. Keep it up kiddo. We love you!

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