>Easy DIY Chalkboard Table Numbers


The chalkboard paint craze is nothing new, I’ve been consulting with clients on chalkboard walls and furniture in playrooms and kitchens for years. It’s easy to do and the results are so much fun! Just about anything can be sprayed with chalkboard paint and you can mix your own chalkboard paint in just about any color to match your decor. I’m lovin’ the use of chalkboards for weddings, and even though it seems to be all the rage and on just about every home decor, DIY and wedding blog, I think it’s such a timeless, charming and versatile look…plus it’s a fun way to get your message across.  

This isn’t really a tutorial, because making chalkboards is pretty self-explanatory. But I thought I’d share just a few quick tips from the 25+ signs I made and hand-lettered for a wedding.

I picked up some assorted 5″ X 7″ frames from Dollar Tree. Even though the frames are plastic/resin, it comes with a real piece of glass….can’t beat that for $1!

Remove the glass from the frame and spray with Kilz Primer.  Normally, I would suggest lightly prepping the glass by cleaning and rubbing with steel wool for better surface adhesion. But Kilz sticks to anything and it worked fine.
Kilz dries pretty quickly, so a second coat was sprayed about 20 minutes later. While the primer dried, I hand-painted the burgundy and black plastic frames with gold metallic paint.  Quick, loose (almost messy) brush strokes gave it a distressed look from where the black or burgundy frame showed through…no need to sand or glaze.

Then a couple of coats of Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray paint on the primed glass…

After putting the glass panes back into the frames. I rubbed the surface of each chalkboard with the side of a stick of chalk and then lightly wiped off with a paper towel.  This primes the surface of the chalkboard so that the chalk writing doesn’t “stick” as well and wipes off easier for future use. It also gives the chalkboard a more worn look. Then I hand-lettered each table number using a white chalk-pastel pencil (easier for drawing the smaller details).

Chalkboards are FUN!

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2 Responses to >Easy DIY Chalkboard Table Numbers

  1. Janet says:

    >Amazing! Great Idea!

  2. Teresa says:

    >What a great idea, I will have to do this project for our next family function. Thanks for sharing!I Love it!Teresa =D

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