>Sketch Every Day: 6.4.11


Since today is “Skull Appreciation Day” and the Skull-A-Day blog was one the main inspirations behind starting my own 365 project (Sketch Every Day), today’s sketch is of course – a skull!

Ever since my son, Mason, and I found Skull-A-Day last summer, we’ve been enjoying the daily dose of skull-o-rama. Mason (6), has always loved skulls and was even featured on the blog for a Super Skull Saturday!  He was thrilled to see just a few of his vast collection of skull drawings on the blog and hasn’t stopped drawing skulls ever since. A couple of weeks ago, he received some S-A-D buttons from Skull-A-Day in the mail and was so excited to be included in the celebration.

So here we are, appreciating a skull-a-rific, sunny San Diego day!  Mason’s pal, Riley, stopped by and joined in the celebration.

Mason with his S-A-D button and coordinating shirt/face paint.
Mason and his friend, Riley.
Little bro, Isaac, getting in on the fun!
Zombie pose.
Skulls With Flames and Wings, by Mason. 

By Riley (age 6).
Another one by Riley. 
Skeleton Surfer, by Mason.

Happy Skull, by Mason.
S-A-D, by Mason.
Scrolly Skull, by Mason. 

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One Response to >Sketch Every Day: 6.4.11

  1. Noah says:

    >Great stuff! So glad to see how you celebrated!

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