>Sketch Every Day: 6.2.11 and 6.3.11


Last night I went to see Bridesmaids (it was HILARIOUS) with my friend, Irene…and even though I did my sketch right after I got home (my husband can vouch for me), it was too late and I was too tired to post.  So I’m posting yesterday’s sketch with tonight’s.

Tonight’s sketch is all about pair of sandals I bought at Target today.  Now that the weather is warming up, I can’t really wear my beloved boots and probably should have some “summer shoes”. I wanted something besides sneakers and flip-flops…something that would look cute with shorts or jeans or skirts or dresses. I spied these sandals on sale for $15 at Target today and thought they would do just fine. And it just so happened that they only had one pair remaining in my size, so I snagged them super-quick-like! And then I started to think of some cute outfits to go with my new sandals. I’m really into yellows right now…especially mustard or golden yellows with navy, gray or brown.  I like the idea of ruffly dresses; loose knit tunics with leggings, jeans or shorts; cutesy rompers…all of which would go nicely with my new kicks.

Mason did some terrific sketches today. I brought him to “work” with me since they don’t have school on Fridays for the rest of the school year. Isaac had preschool and my husband needed to finish up a bunch of projects, so I thought it would be fun to bring Mason along. I was painting an outdoor fireplace for a client (I’ve included the photo at the end of this post) and I knew he could occupy himself with his sketchbook, looking for bugs, or playing on my iphone.  He did all three and behaved himself very well. It was fun painting simultaneously with my little boy.

I hand-painted this fireplace in aqua, terracotta, golden yellow and  green tones, with floral and scroll “tile” motifs.

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