>Sketch Every Day: 6.1.11


After seeing my mom off at the airport (*sniff* I miss her already); running a bunch of work-related errands; coming home to finish up a wedding ensemble; prep for tomorrow’s decorative painting project; and then work on a last minute little tableaux project due first thing in the morning…I didn’t really have any time for a sketch today. Luckily, I had to do a quick (2 min.) drawing for one of the projects I’m working on tonight…so it will serve as today’s sketch.

Meanwhile, Mason tried making his first “flip books” today. He’s showing an interest in animation and moving pictures…which I think is really cool. I think it’s pretty awesome that he understands how a flip book is supposed to work…and that he’s trying to figure out how to draw a scene progression. We’ll work on it this summer, who knows…we might have ourselves a little animated feature artist some day! To help him understand the process somewhat, I want to try some stop-motion photography with him (maybe we’ll make a mini Lego movie with his favorite Lego characters). I think he’d get a kick out of it.

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