>Sketch Every Day: 5.30.11


My friend, Kiki, suggested that I draw a pair of worn combat boots for my sketch of the day on Memorial Day. I thought that was a great idea (thanks, Kiki!)…and as I sketched, I couldn’t help but think about how immensely grateful we all should feel – that we don’t have to know what it’s like to have been in those shoes. So many brave and honorable men and women have sacrificed everything so that we could live the lives we have, in this free and beautiful Country. And as I spent this four-day weekend, enjoying the company of my dear family and friends, my heart was truly filled with gratitude.

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One Response to >Sketch Every Day: 5.30.11

  1. Anonymous says:

    >That is a beutiful tribute to all those who passed before us and did all to ensure our freedom and way of life. I know I join you and your family in paying special tribute to your Dad who served his country with distinction and is just a little more proud than I am of your accomplishments.Love,An Uncle in CT

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