>Yay for Swag!


One of the fun things I like about participating in running events is the free “swag” (also spelled “schwag”) that you get from event sponsors promoting their brand or product. Sometimes it’s just a pen, eco-tote, keychain or lanyard…which can still come in handy (and my kids love collecting them). Or you get to try new food/beverage products such as energy bars, organic cookies/crackers, juices…and they may send you home with a grab bag of small pre-packaged samples (which are perfect for the kids’ lunches). 

My boys had fun at the Expo and collecting all the freebies…
So, why is a stationery designer and decorative painter blogging about swag, you may wonder? Well, the answer is quite simple. I got some free stuff for running in the San Francisco Bay to Breakers a couple of weekends ago that I thought may be relevant to what I do for the industries I’m in…and I just wanted to share.

At the Expo the day before Bay to Breakers, Zazzle (the title sponsor of the event), gave away free iphone 4 cases, customized with your own artwork or photographs. All I had to do was upload a photo and they made the cases on the spot. I had a picture of one of my sketches on my iphone, so I sent it to them and here’s what I got (now all I need is to upgrade to an iphone 4)….

At Zazzle, you can customize just about anything or even purchase custom printed products from other designers. Zazzle is where I order custom printed postage for my clients who want to use the monograms/graphics I’ve designed for their invitations, for their stamps as well. If you need a great idea for Father’s Day, get something custom printed for Dad using your kids’ artwork or photos or your own designs! Here’s a coupon code: SHAREMEOFFER.

At Footstock after the race, Volkswagen had a really cool booth offering free photo flip books. I’ve always loved photo booths at weddings and events, but I’m CRAZY about this idea and would love to do this for one of my parties.  I think it’s great for wedding favors, corporate events, fundraisers, etc. What a cool way to capture a memory with an interactive animation. I learned that the company Volkswagen brought in to do the flip books, A Little Scene, is headquartered right here in San Diego, so I’ll be sure to suggest the idea to my wedding clients!

How much fun is this….and look at how awesome my husband’s costume was! Sorry for the bad video…and for having Twisted Sister playing in the background.

And totally unrelated to my business…but here’s a different type of freebie (from the Crocs booth)…our kids totally got a kick out of these Croc-shaped character toys and are still having fun playing with them. Plus, I just saw that my husband and I were pictured on the Crocs blog!

Yay for Swag!

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