>Painting At The Midnight Hour…


Yeah, I’m kinda awesome. 🙂 Despite my CRAZY schedule, I completed the item for Mason’s school art auction just in the nick of time for today’s deadline. Seeing as it’s wedding season, I’ve been traveling the past couple of weeks, working non-stop, and still have loads of deadlines for this week and next…I think it turned out pretty nice! Not bad considering I just came up with the idea and worked with the kids YESTERDAY, and didn’t start painting until late last night. 

Heck, if no one bids on it, I’m going to buy this lovely thang back for myself. But if you’re going to the San Elijo Elementary School Open House tomorrow night, please do bid on our item…it’s for a great cause.  Support the Arts and our schools!

Here’s what we did…

Each student thought of a word that makes them happy when they hear it…and then painted the word onto the canvas, along with a small picture of a related shape, symbol or object.  

Their “happy words” became the background texture for a painting which features bright and happy turquoise, green and yellow tones.  A round accent table top (shown below) was painted with an ornate scroll motif inspired by the painting.

The finished painting, which served as inspiration for the table top decorative painting and colors.
Another view of the canvas art.
The winner of the auction also receives a set of custom printed note cards featuring the canvas art.

I found a round side table with Fleur de Lis decoration, on sale at Marshall’s.  Mason wanted to help me sand the top before priming. 
The finished side table…isn’t it lovely?!  I love the turquoise with teensy pops of coral.
Detail of my decorative painting work.
The view from up top. I went with trendy colors, hopefully it will sell well.

 Get your bid on tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m.!

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3 Responses to >Painting At The Midnight Hour…

  1. Anonymous says:

    >absolutely amazing Katie! I'm sure someone will snap it up at the open house!! Love the inspiration of the kids words!! A truly unique table piece and art work. Perfect for lots of nooks in any home. – Jen M.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Katie.. I just am catching up on emails… saw your email about the end of year party, randomly clicked on your link and i'm in complete awe… what an amazing talent you are… I've been reading all of your "sketch every day" i really should be putting the kids to bed but can't stop! Wanted to let you know that I bid (and won) on the painting and table. It's amazing and means so much to me to simply remind myself it's the little things that really do make all of us smile. Two things… I'm so envious that you follow your lifes passion… and another note.. your table and canvas brought in the most money at the auction… so it was worth the late night hours!You inspire me!Peace-Christina Higgins

  3. EITAKdesign says:

    >Thanks Jen and Christina for your very kind comments and for checking out my blog. Christina, I was so thrilled when I found out you had won the artwork! I've been meaning to email you…thank you so much for your generosity and support. You've been a wonderful room mom and I know the kids and Mrs. Douglas have appreciated all that you do. P.S. – Mason told me he had so much fun at the class party today! Thanks again – Katie

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