>Sketch Every Day: 5.25.11


Here’s another sketch for the outdoor fireplace I blogged about yesterday. I’m almost done with the art auction item for Mason’s school (due today, of course). I’ll probably post pictures of it this afternoon after I drop it off. It’s quite lovely, I may have to bid on it myself!

Despite my ridiculously crazy schedule today and all the deadlines I have for this week, I’m surprised to actually post today’s sketch in the morning (and not moments before midnight like I usually do).  An ADORABLE Mason sketch depicting our family, follows.

Mason drew this at Nana’s house a week ago…check out the detail in the tree and “maze” roots. I love how he wrote the initials and our ages above our heads.  Funny how Daddy and Mommy are super dinky (off to the right)…you can barely see me, I look like a doll or baby that A-38 is holding.  And in true Gaines boys fashion, Mason and Isaac are dressed in dapper shirts and ties. They get their fashion sense from Daddy, for sure!

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