>Sketch Every Day: 5.23.11


During the craziness of wedding projects and work deadlines over the last few weeks, I received the email for the art auction project for Mason’s school…due this week.  I’ve been so busy with work and then traveling for the Bay to Breakers and then San Luis Obispo, that I didn’t have a chance to even think about the auction project, let alone actually get together with the kids to work on the project. I only got the email just three weeks before the deadline (which is in two days) and I had so much printing and assembling (and painting) to do before we left for San Francisco, that I had to cancel my art lesson that week. And so here it is, three weeks later and the project is due this Wednesday. And I haven’t started. 

Originally, when I first got the email…I thought I would do a painted tile project installed onto a table or a garden bench. A few years ago, I had helped my friend, Tiffany, with her son’s school art auction project and that’s the idea she had come up with. I came into the class, helped the kids paint their tiles, then painted some “filler” tiles, and her husband installed them onto a set of three nesting tables. I also painted a sisal rug to go along with the tables.  It was a big hit and sold very well.  The parents loved the tiles so much, that we ended up having the kids paint another set of tiles so that their parents could buy their individual tile. I figured I could totally copy this idea, since I have a bunch of travertine tiles left over from my (unfinished) stair rise project. I would just have to buy a table to install the tiles. But here we are at the eleventh hour and there simply isn’t enough time to do this…plus, I found out that my friend, Kristin, is doing a similar project. So, back to the drawing board.

I work well under pressure and despite the gazillion work deadlines I have going on for this week, I’ll try to figure something out. So, we’ll see what I can come up with tomorrow. I also have to involve the kids in the project, hopefully the teacher is able to give me a few minutes to work with them. Today’s sketch is a motif I thought might work well painted onto the auction item. I’ll post the finished piece on Wednesday after I drop it off to the multipurpose room (if I can get it done in time). Wish me luck!

Here are today’s featured kiddo sketches….

Mason and PJ drew rockets yesterday. PJ’s is in the middle.

Detail of Mason’s sketch…he’s the self-proclaimed “winner”…I guess.

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  1. >Good one. Nice looking these paper paints

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