>Sketch Every Day: 5.22.11


Tomorrow a new work week begins…chock full of new deadlines, the next round of wedding season orders and home painting commissions, as well as some end of year school art projects. Just as I thought the craziness had ended, I’ve realized during my one day of regrouping and trying to get caught up…that it all starts again in the morning. So many of the personal business projects I’ve been working on, new ideas and concepts, will just have to rest on the back-burner again until I’ve met my deadlines and can make some time to focus on my projects and the things I’ve been trying to do for the past six months. It can be a little frustrating to know that I simply can’t do it all…nor all at once. Time is truly a luxury. It would be nice to be home all day, making pretty things as I please, but it’s simply not a practical reality for me right now. I am grateful for the work I have the opportunity to do and which I love with a passion. But it sure would be nice to have a few weeks off to just focus, re-evaluate, reinvent and renew EITAK Design to it’s true potential…believe me, I have so many ideas I’ve been working on, just need some time to myself to make it happen. I don’t plan on turning down any work any time soon, so it’ll have to be a matter of timing…finding an acceptable break in the craziness and make some time for myself.

A sketch by Isaac done at preschool.  His teacher translated his “story”….funny, we don’t have (nor have ever had) a cat.

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