>Sketch Every Day: 5.6.11


Ode To A Minivan….by Katie Gaines

Farewell, my sweet Sienna,
For you have done us well.
On long drives with two toddlers, 
You saved us from road trip hell.

With all your bells and whistles,
At times you were a second abode.
When naps were hard to come by,
We traveled the open road.

A screaming baby and feisty toddler
Were soothed on countless occasions.
And your pre-treated gray interior
Held up to juices, crackers and raisins.

When my hands were full with groceries
And a child or two on my hips,
It was your automatic sliding doors,
That had me doing giddy flips.

But apparently the time has come
For me to bid you adieu…
Many cars will come and go,
But the one I’ll miss is you.

*wiping away tears*

Yeah, my husband sold our minivan today. He fought me tooth and nail on getting one to begin with, but I absolutely loved it and it had everything I wanted or needed in a car…especially with two little ones. But I guess now it’s time to move on to something else, now that our boys are big enough to get themselves in and out of the car. I never got a chance to do the whole soccer mom thing, but it was fun while it lasted. And no matter what people say about the “mom” image with minivans…I know I totally rocked that car with my cool mom HOTNESS! I’m proud to say, I heart minivans!

To ease my sorrow, I had some onion rings with Hollandaise sauce at Mama Kat’s today (along with my pigs in a blanket, bacon and coffee)…my sister and PJ met my mom and I for breakfast this morning…it was a much needed diversion while my husband prepared the car for sale). I meant to post a picture of the sketch PJ did at breakfast…which I thought I had taken with my iphone, but can’t seem to find it right now, so I’ll post tomorrow instead.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend…I guess I’m off to cry myself to sleep and dream of those automatic sliding doors…

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