>Sketch Every Day: 5.3.11


My sisters and their families were all over at our home today to visit with “A-Ma” (Taiwanese for “Grandma”) and enjoy her AMAZING cooking. What is it about Mom’s cooking that always tastes better than when you try making the exact same thing, the same way, with the same ingredients? Mom’s home-cooking always ROCKS! I swear, everything tastes ten times better when my mom or my mom-in-law make it!

Maylie, my 11 year-old niece, who is quite the artist and always so great with her younger cousins, taught them a drawing lesson before dinner. She basically created a “still life” with a Yoda figurine and a plush toy goat, and had Mason and PJ (both 6 years-old) draw their own versions. She also had them add a robot of their own design. Not only is Maylie a wonderful teacher, but Mason and PJ are terrific artists and I just LOVE these renditions. This grouping of subject matter is somewhat random, but I think they’ve both definitely “got” some serious sketching skills!

Mason’s drawing…

I love the face on the goat.
Check out Yoda’s wrinkles.
PJ’s drawing…
Awesome robot.
Adorable goat!

It was super hot today….almost unbearably…so tonight’s sketch is about “refreshment”…wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just “order up” a cold, tasty drink just by sketching it? Boy, that could get dangerous…imagine all that sweet tea, dark chocolate, bacon, and…..  Yeah, getting a little carried away here…maybe I should get some sleep…nitey-nite.

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