>Sketch Every Day: 4.28.11


Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest impact…a kind gesture, an act of hospitality, a moment of graciousness. When someone shows you generosity of heart in even the simplest things, it really makes a difference. I know it does for me. 

Today I had one such experience. I arrived at my client’s home a bit earlier than I usually do for my normal work day, intent on completing the job in enough time to leave and get to my son’s school to teach art. I let my client know of my plans and that I would work straight through lunch in order to finish the job and be able to clean up and leave on time.

A few hours into the job, my client…who is just the sweetest…walked into the room I was painting, with a beautifully plated lunch: turkey/avocado/mayo on whole wheat bread, a bowl of cut strawberries, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The sandwich was neatly cut in half and even had two little picks (like they do at restaurants to keep the sandwich together). There was a pretty place mat and she served everything using “real” dishes (not paper plates like I would have done)

I had been so busy painting and trying to meet my time deadline, that I had forgotten I was hungry (those few Donettes and coffee I had earlier barely qualify as a hearty breakfast). But when I saw what she had prepared (especially that gorgeous, thickly sliced avocado with a generous slather of mayo), my stomach started growling like crazy. I thanked her profusely for her hospitality, but she simply said, “Oh, it’s nothing…I just didn’t want you to go and teach art to the kids on an empty stomach.”

I have the most awesome clients…EVER! Not only did I teach art that afternoon with a full and happy belly, she saved me from having to go through some unhealthy fast food drive-thru! So, thank you, Sally, for being so kind to me and welcoming me into your home! That was the best turkey-avocado sandwich I’ve had in awhile!


I’m so pleased with how the painting for Sally and Mike’s nursery came out (and in such a short turnaround), that I’d like to share a glimpse into the progression of the project.

After the initial consultation, the client and I discussed what they wanted painted in the room. I came up with a basic sketch (this one happens to be one of my Sketch Every Day drawings, done the night before I started the job).

The first day of the job, I worked on clouds…this took about a half day (3-4 hours). 

The client approved the sketch, notifying me by email, and I researched some biplane images to reference for painting the next day. Day two of the job, I worked on the main biplane and the smoke/sky writing. You can see I also sketched out one of the smaller biplanes…this took about a full day (7-8 hours).

Day three, I had a limited amount of time (less than four hours), but I was able to complete the two smaller biplanes, add some birds and orange butterflies to ceiling, as well as do some minor paint touch ups elsewhere in the house. 

And here’s the finished mural. Isn’t it soooo cute for a baby boy…and one he can grow with! My boys want this room!

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