>Sketch Every Day: 4.27.11


Sometimes, when I’ve been painting all day, it’s hard to come home and feel motivated to sketch.  Especially considering that I had a conference call and three sets of design proofs to finish up, plus all my client email correspondence to get to, as soon as I got home. And in the case of today’s project, I was working on a mural, and on my feet/ladder for 8 hours straight, so pretty much “put a fork in me, I’m done.” Fortunately, my husband took care of dinner and the nightly routine with the kids…but here it is, 11:00 p.m. and I’m wondering what to sketch…so I can get it over with, go to bed, wake up at 6 a.m. and do this all over again.

Then I remembered that my niece sent me two amazing sketches (how is this girl only 6 years old!)…and I knew I couldn’t slack. PJ really keeps me on my toes!

Love that she “dedicated” the sketch…and that totally looks like her with the pigtails and side-swept bangs!
Rapunzel and the tower.
So I decided to look through some magazines and maybe see something that I’d like to sketch/blog about. While browsing for inspiration for tonight’s sketch, I came across a beautiful full page ad in the May 2011 issue of Elle Decor, for a tile company called Compas Stone. What caught my eye, besides the gorgeous limestone and marble flooring and the lovely carved legs of the wooden table, was the (totally my style) banner logo that proclaimed “Purveyor of Fine Antique Stone Floors.”

Dictionary.com defines “purveyor” as “a person or thing that habitually provides or supplies a particular thing or quality”…Hmmm, I wonder if I could call myself a “purveyor” of something? It sounds so important and official! “Purveyor of paper and paint related goods”…”Purveyor of pure awesomeness”…I kinda like the sound of that one.  😉

Okay, maybe the delirium is setting in and I just need to get some rest…so I’m off to visit the “purveyor of ZZZZZZs”, a.k.a. my bed.

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