>Sketch Every Day: 4.26.11


This was kinda funny…so I had to share.

The other night, during our family dinner conversation, a typical question came up: “Mason, what did you do at school today?”

Mason, always the reluctant conversationalist (unless he’s talking about video games, Legos or cartoons/movies), answers: “Nothing.”

Me: “Really, ‘Nothing’?  You didn’t do anything at school today?”

Mason: Shrugs, “You always ask me that question.”

Aaron (my husband): “We just want to know if you did anything interesting or fun. What did you learn about today, that you didn’t know before?”

Mason: Thinks for a minute and then says, “We learned about pearls.”

Me: “Oh cool, you mean how pearls are formed….like when a piece of sand gets into an oyster and it creates layer upon layer around the sand until it becomes a pearl?”  (I was always fascinated by this, so I thought he might be intrigued too).

Mason: “No, not pearls like necklaces or earrings or treasure.”

Me: “Oh, so like Pearls of Wisdom and figures of speech?”  I started to take a bite of my dinner, while waiting for his response…

Mason: Looks at me strangely, and then says with that “duh!” tone of voice, “You know, when you have more than one of something and you have to add an ‘s’ or ‘es’ or ‘ies’ to make it a pearl.”

Me: I’m chewing on a mouthful of food and then it hits me…I nearly choke as I spurt out loud to my husband, “He means PLURALS.”  

We were both laughing so hard.  Yep, that kind of stuff cracks me up.

So tonight’s sketch: “Pearl”…followed by Mason’s “Plurals” worksheet…

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