>Sketch Every Day: 4.23.11


I’ve got bunnies on my mind.  Yes, I know it’s Easter weekend and cute little bunnies are everywhere: fluffy plush toys, baskets, chocolates, greeting cards…you name it. But that’s not the entire reason, today is just a “bunny” sort of day, hence today’s sketch. 

This morning we saw two wild baby bunnies nibbling on the thyme and new grasses we have growing in between the flagstone in the backyard. They are adorable and SO tiny (teacup size). And the cuteness was more than I could stand when they would hop around giddily…like only baby animals can (you know, how puppies and kittens do when they get a little excited and playful and don’t quite have complete control over their back legs?)…talk about “spring” in their step!

Also, today I’m going to a dear friend’s baby shower.  We’ve known each other since kindergarten and I’m so thrilled for her.  I can’t wait to meet her baby girl! I would love to paint something in the nursery for her, so I’m looking forward to seeing the room and her paint choices/bedding (which has bunny silhouettes).  I made her a card using the most adorable Chiyogami handmade paper (pictured in the sketch background) with pink background, cherry blossoms, and little white bunnies.

…And since I can’t get enough of “bunnies” today, you have to see this beautiful photo collaboration by my sister and her friend Cindy.  The cuteness meter of my niece, PJ, and Cindy’s bunny, June, in these beautiful photos is off the charts. 

Have a beautiful Easter weekend, my friends!

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