>Sketch Every Day: 4.18.11


I’m seriously dragging today…all because I missed my morning cup (or two or three) of coffee.  I was working from home all day on a bunch of deadlines and a painting project due this week, so rather than run out to grab my fix (my weakness is a latte), I decided to save myself some time and have some tea instead. No bueno. Can’t.Keep.Eyes.Open. The lack of caffeine headache is starting to set in. But it’s not just about the caffeine, for me it’s that rich aroma, the robust flavor (which I like to mingle with a splash of milk and a few spoonfuls of sugar) and the warmth of the mug in my hand, that really gets my day started. And unfortunately, missing my cuppa joe has me feeling like I never really got this day going…can I get a do-over?

On another note, Isaac’s 3rd birthday party (Retro Robot theme) was featured on Mom Inc. Daily today, which really brightened my day.

…And speaking of robots, I found these balloon robots that the kids must have worked on the other night when the family was over for my nephew’s belated birthday celebration. Looks like they found some of the leftover robot stickers from Isaac’s party.

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