>Sketch Every Day: 4.15.11


I’m so delighted with how these chalkboard garden signs turned out for my client, that I want to paint a “menu board” for my kitchen.  I already prepped a leftover piece of wood with chalkboard paint, and when I have a spare moment, this is what I’m going to paint.

It’s taken from an old pharmaceutical label from 1872. I love this style of ephemera design so much, I added it to my pinterest board, so it could inspire a project. I’m also a huge fan of the chalk art/lettering of Dana Tanamachi and wanted something with that look in my home. So a menu board it shall be! I plan to paint over the chalkboard paint with this design in white. I’ll design our family monogram or crest for one of the banners. Of course, a whimsical saying like “here, we live to eat…” would be fun, no?

FYI, here’s the imaginary menu I have scrawled into the drawing and can’t wait to write onto the actual board in chalk some day soon.

Assorted cheeses, breads, figs, fruit and spreads (like butter and more cheese)
Wine or beer, juice or milk (for the kids)
Salad with candied walnuts (spring greens or arugula with gorgonzola and ripe pears)
Roasted vegetables
Seared Ahi and Filet Mignon with white truffle mashed potatoes
Wine poached pears  (with homemade flavored whipped cream for dessert…or grilled peaches with honey and marscapone)

Wow, that made me really hungry…

For today’s kiddo sketch, I have a colorful and happy octopus by PJ.

Have a nice weekend!

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