>Sketch Every Day: 4.5.11


Tonight I’m thinking about my childhood best friend, who is expecting her first baby (a girl) in a couple of months. I am SO giddy with excitement for her and her husband…they will be the most amazing and wonderful parents. She sent me a picture of the nursery bedding and mentioned cherry blossoms…which I LOVE.  I was inspired to do this quick and free flowing watercolor and ink sketch…

Speaking of signs of spring, new motherhood and nesting…here’s the update on our little bird nest. Today we discovered a third egg in the nest! I’m so excited for baby birds!
Today, Mason and his pal, Tallulah, hung out and made some beautifully colorful marker drawings. I didn’t have a chance to photograph Tallulah’s, but here’s Mason’s drawing.

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One Response to >Sketch Every Day: 4.5.11

  1. Tenshi says:

    >Love it Katie! Keep those eggs safe. Some crows got to ours… so sad. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

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