>Sketch Every Day: 4.4.11


I’m so excited about the little nest we found in our front door wreath, that I had to draw another nest with eggs.
In case you missed my post from yesterday…here’s a quick recap (and update) on our little nest…
Saturday, I took the wreath down from the front door and discovered this perfect little nest.

The wreath was left on the doorstep overnight and the next day (Sunday) my son discovered a teeny little egg had been left in the nest.
This morning (Monday), I opened the door to check on the egg and found Mama Bird sitting in the nest!  She wouldn’t fly away, but kept a watchful eye on me.
Once she flew away, we noticed there was a second egg in the nest.  I wonder if there will be a third egg tomorrow?
Mason’s sketch today is from our lunch at Five Guys Burgers. He drew a burger and wrote “I love to eat cheeseburgers at Five Guys.”
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