>Sketch Every Day: 4.1.11


Only because it’s April Fools’ Day, I couldn’t resist sketching Mr. T (I always think of his famous line, “I pity the fool” when I hear the word “fool”).

Here’s the catch, for today’s sketch, I played a trick on myself. I forced myself to draw with my right hand. Technically, I’m Penwald ambidextrous, which means that I have learned ambidexterity. Some studies show that only about 10% of the world population is left-handed, so many things cater to right-handed people. Lefties have to adapt and cultivate ambidexterity. As a child, my mom wasn’t comfortable showing me how to write Chinese characters for my left-handedness, so she forced me to write Chinese with my right hand. And so now…I’m ambidextrous. 

I certainly favor my left hand for drawing, writing and detailed painting. But I can paint and do finishes with either hand. I use scissors with my right hand, but if you were to ask me which hand I use to hold a fork, throw a ball/catch, etc….I’m just as comfortable with either. 

So here’s how I sketch, out of my comfort zone, using my right hand. I could definitely use some practice…my lettering and hand-writing is terrible! I do feel kind of “foolish” putting this out there.

My mom-in-law came to town for a visit today. We’re all so happy to have her here. She’s wonderful, amazing, fun, helpful, generous and loving. My boys absolutely adore their Nana! Tonight, Mason and Nana sketched together. I love how they both colored their houses yellow (totally by coincidence)! But I mostly love that they spent this time together, sketching.

Mason’s house.

Nana’s house.

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