>Sketch Every Day: 3.28.11


I’ve always loved the look of a rustic wood door, especially with an ornate metal door knocker.  My husband took a few pictures of some really old, amazingly beautiful bronze and iron door knockers during our honeymoon in Italy (2002). We still have those photos framed and displayed in our home. I’d love to one day switch out our front door with a Spanish-Italian-Mediterranean-style wood door with rusted clavos hardware and a speak-easy…and yes, an antique door knocker…maybe one with a lion’s head and scroll/acanthus leaf motif. Okay that sounds like it would be a bit much (as in busy-busy) especially since I’d probably want to paint something on the door as well. But we all know that I lean towards the “more is more” look…more embellishments, more ornate, more colorful, the more I like it. It may seem weird at a time when I probably should be trying to simplify my crazy life…but that’s just me.

So I found this “clip chart” taped to the wall in Mason’s room.  He must have made this when he was playing school with his little brother, Isaac, and their friend, Hannah. If you have kids in kindergarten or first grade, you might recognize this behavior/reward system with the kids’ names on a clip and they get to move their clip up and down on the chart depending on their actions for the day.  The top category is “Treasure Box/Chest”, of course.  In first grade, Mason’s class has “Out Of This World.” You get to pick a prize if your clip is in this category. I think it’s hilarious how Mason depicted the rest of the categories: “Thumbs Up” (means you’re doing good).  “Uh Oh” (yeah, you’d better think about what you just did, you’re skating on thin ice), and the last one is simply a face sobbing and crying his eyes out, tears spilling all over the place…this must be “Oh No!” (um, you’re pretty much in big trouble).

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