>Sketch Every Day: 3.26.11


Apparently, Blogger or more specifically GoDaddy has been having some “DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and as a result, has blocked access to their servers and my “internet neighborhood”…I’m hoping this post actually makes it up tonight. To others, the post may appear just fine, but it is completely down and inaccessible to me.  I’m sure there are some workarounds, but I’ll just be patient and hopefully they’ll have it resolved soon. So, here goes….

Today’ sketch is a special request for my friend, Katie (a.k.a Kiki) who loves hot air balloons. I think hot air balloons would be cute for personalized note cards, a “bon voyage” card, and of course, a baby’s nursery mural. Plus, I’ve always loved the look of vintage or steampunk hot air balloons (think Jules Verne “Around the World in 80 Days”).  This is a quick, colored pencil sketch in pale tones…maybe another day I’ll try an ink sketch with lots of elaborate details and banners (in a vintage Parisian style).

Mason’s sketch today was drawn onto the back of a kids’ menu at Mama Kat’s during breakfast. Seems like we have a lot of these menu drawings lately…probably a little something to do with being so busy with work that we’ve been eating out a lot (and because the food at Mama Kat’s is irresistible).  Mason’s sketch is of pie (I like the checkered napkin with the fork neatly set).

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