>Sketch Every Day: 3.21.11


The oak tree sketch from 3.14.11
Remember that oak tree that I sketched for a client’s “rustic chic” ranch wedding? Well they liked it and asked to incorporate my sketch into the design of their invitations. Yay! I had to add more to the drawing (where it ended off the page of my sketchbook)….but I’m just so thrilled to see the sketch utilized as a graphic motif for such a special event. I was also asked to illustrate a map to go along with the ensemble, so today’s sketch is the rough layout of the map (I’ve included the final map design).

Mason’s sketches: a fish and a line drawing around “8”…I love randomly finding his newest drawings in this sketchbook. I never know what to expect or what I’ll find, he always surprises me.

How CUTE is this fish?!
Love the color scheme on the left and the design on the right.

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