>Sketch Every Day: 3.13.11


Just finished assembling about 200 wedding ensembles…and even though I should feel like I have another hour (because of daylight savings time) it really does seem like it’s almost midnight…perhaps I’ve already adjusted?  We’ll see in the morning…  All I know is that I’m tired…yawn.

So here’s a quick 2 minute sketch….of scissors (maybe because the boys and I got haircuts this weekend?).

Yesterday, the kids created some lovely paintings with the acrylic paint set we gave PJ for her 6th birthday.  I love it that they wanted to paint…even though we were having a little family party to celebrate PJ’s birthday and they could have been playing and eating lots of delicious goodies and sweets. But who are we kidding, this is my family we’re talking about!  Breaking out the paint set and creating art is our idea of fun!

PJ’s Robot…

Maylie’s Robot…
PJ’s painting of the sun, trees, a bee and hive.
Isaac’s painting (he’s 4), with a little robot on the bottom corner by Maylie, I ‘m guessing.

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