>Sketch Every Day: 3.11.11


Another (really rough) sketch for my client who wants some decorative painting touches for her Spanish Hacienda-style home.  This is for the stucco surround framing the front door (detail of the pattern is to the left).  These will all be hand-painted, freehand, to emulate the painterly style of artisans in the Spanish Mediterranean and Mexico, using floral, ornamental scrolls and some geometric motifs…in golden yellow, orange, red and olive tones. 

…And for the kiddo sketch feature….my sister posted this picture by PJ (my niece) last night and I had to steal it for today. It’s PJ’s depiction of a photo shoot she participated in last week. What an experience for a five year-old: a magazine feature – wearing to-die-for designer children’s fashions (ahem, Stella McCartney…need I say more), taken on a boat, and shot by the amazing Christa Renee Photography. What I love most about this drawing is how PJ captured so many details of the day and the things she remembered most: how much fun she had with her friend on the shoot (his amazing fiery red hair), the boat, the photographer, the lighting assistant with the reflector….and (my fave) the assistant working below deck with the laptop!

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One Response to >Sketch Every Day: 3.11.11

  1. >Love PJ! She is quite the advanced artist!

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