>Sketch Every Day: 3.9.11


This evening after dinner, Mason and I went through a “checklist” of things that he needed to do before bedtime: finish math homework, read the library books he checked out, brush his teeth, etc. And then he exclaimed…”Oh! And I need to do my sketch.” That made me smile. Many times over the last 68 days of this 365 project, I have said the same thing. He’s my “mini-me” in so many ways. 

Then he said, “Mom…if you haven’t done your sketch today, we should do ours together. I’m going to draw a machine.” When I said that I’m not really very good at drawing machines or mechanical things…he said, quite encouragingly, “that’s okay, I’ll show you mine as an example and you can try to make up your own…I’ll help you, it’s easy.” This kid is growing up too fast. I’m already having a hard enough time being called “Mom” instead of “Mommy” or “Mama”…but when he says things like this, it really hits home that he’s not a little baby anymore. 

So that’s Mason’s “color machine” above. My sketch follows. I didn’t end up drawing a machine.  I told him I’d have to save that idea for another day when I had more time to really follow his example. For tonight, I just needed to do something quick for a client project.

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2 Responses to >Sketch Every Day: 3.9.11

  1. Fauxology says:

    >Awww, this MADE my day! I have a seven-year old nephew and I adooooooooooore him. He asked me the other day, "So, Tia, how was your trip?" I loved that he actually remembered I went away and that he cared enough to ask me. My heart burst. I'm sure yours did too when he was willing to be be patient and teach you. Love your sketch, btw. 🙂

  2. EITAKdesign says:

    >Thanks for your comment, Regina…YOU totally made my day! I am a huge fan of your work and all the amazing artists featured on Fauxology, so it really means a lot to me that you even commented on my quick little sketch. My son's enthusiasm and love for art is what inspired me to start this Sketch Every Day project…I am constantly amazed by how effortlessly children approach the creative process. They don't see it as a "process" or an "approach", they just "create"…I think we grown-ups all have so much to learn from the kids in our lives. 🙂 P.S. – Mason loves going to art museums and visiting antique stores…is he cool or what! He says he wants to curate his own museum one day (and it would be free for all who wanted to see his collection). I plan to take him to The Getty to see the exhibit you talked about on your blog today.

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