>Sketch Every Day: 3.7.11


This weekend our family piano was moved down from my sister’s house to ours. This is the piano that my sisters and I practiced on for years and years of lessons and recitals. This is the piano where we played duets and tried to pick out melodies of our favorite show tunes and love songs. This is the piano that accompanied the singing of our Christmas carols and birthday wishes. I took about eight years of classical, and though I can (sort of) read music, I can’t say I’m musically inclined. I wish I was. 

When we all moved into our homes ten plus years ago, Mary agreed to take the piano. None of us could bear the thought of just getting rid of or selling the family piano…it holds a lot of memories…not to to mention what a time and financial investment the piano signifies. Our parents spent a lot of money on weekly lessons for three girls (for almost eight years), countless recitals and competition entry fees, gas and time shuttling us to all our piano-related activities, and yes…even some tearful arguments about practicing (or rather, the lack thereof).

A few months ago, when my sister and brother-in-law decided to install new flooring, they asked us if we wanted the piano. And of course, we said “yes”…it just took a while to figure out how/when we would get it here. Besides the obvious reason of wanting to keep it in the family, I’m hoping having the piano here might inspire my kids to express themselves creatively through music; encourage the desire for them to learn how to play an instrument; and perhaps ignite the spark that I’ve noticed (especially in four year-old, Isaac) of a love of sound and movement. Isaac is always singing, making up his own little songs, dancing, feeling the beat. It’s like he can’t help it…music speaks to him. 

My nephew, Tyan, taught Isaac some of “Mary Had A Little Lamb” in about 30 minutes. My brother-in-law, Mark, is an incredibly talented, self-taught musician…so I’m hoping my kids will be influenced by how effortlessly he makes music and how passionate he is about it. And perhaps, I’ll be able to brush up on all those things that I’ve forgotten from those eight years of lessons.  We’re planning on getting the boys into lessons soon…I’m sure we’ll all learn a few things too.  

Yesterday, my husband made the comment…”I like having a piano in the house”…and I wholeheartedly agree, something about a piano in the room makes it feel like home.

Today’s sketch by Mason…

Mason’s imaginary zoo animals for Dr. Seuss week: “Cow-Pig and the Liger.”
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