>Sketch Every Day: 3.3.11 And Making Pinwheels


I feel guilty. Not because I’ve done something “wrong”…but it’s just one of those things that comes with the territory of single-handedly running my own business. I feel like I’m working 24/7. I’m SUPER busy right now…constantly playing the juggling act with wedding deadlines, invitations, designing stationery, painting at client’s homes, trying to keep up with last minute projects (not to mention my 365 and this blog), doing household chores and still fulfill all the duties of being Mom. I’m guess I feel like I’m guilty of not taking the time to enjoy anything, have fun, smell the roses…so to speak. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I feel particularly bad because Isaac doesn’t have preschool and I know it gets so boring for him when Mommy and Daddy are busy working.  We both work from home, which is a challenge in itself.  My poor little guy has to entertain himself most of the time, especially lately.  He’s so imaginative and can play for hours making up his own games…but sometimes I know he just wants a bit of my time…and I need those moments together with him too.

So lately, when I’ve been working from home on the days he doesn’t have preschool, I try to come up with an activity we can do together. Even if it’s just a quick craft. Sometimes I can squeeze in a few emails or invitation drafts while he’s painting or coloring away. Spring is in the air, so today I thought “PINWHEELS”! Isaac liked the idea of making our own pinwheels to tie onto the handlebars of his bike…because he rides “SUPER-fast”. There are a ton of tutorials online to show you how to easily make fully functional pinwheels that spin in the wind like no other. Here’s my quick (maybe not so functional, but still fun) version.

I cut scrap paper I have leftover from invitation jobs into perfect squares.  You’ll need scissors, hole punch, brads and some straws.
Isaac drew on the blank sides of the papers to add his own artistic touch.  
I helped with a few doodles.  Note to self, new markers are in order…most of ours are dried out.
Cut from each corner into the center, leaving about a quarter-sized area in the middle.

Fold in each alternating corner.
Punch a hole in the center for the brads.  You can also use a push pin that you can attach to a wooden stick like a chopstick.
Brads attached.

Then punch holes in the straws to attach the pinwheels.

Use the existing brad to attach to the straw.  Make sure the hole in the straw is a little bit bigger so the brad fits loosely, don’t push down the brads too flat. It might spin better this way.

Super easy pinwheels. How cute would these be to adorn a candy buffet at a party or as a gift topper for a present?

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3 Responses to >Sketch Every Day: 3.3.11 And Making Pinwheels

  1. Rach says:

    >Um, MOTY??? My kids sat in front of the tv today. 🙂 You rock!

  2. anjanette says:

    >Thanks for the tutorial! I will try that with my kids! -Anjanette, a FB fan

  3. EITAKdesign says:

    >Thanks, Ladies…it's a super easy project and I already had all the materials (um, I have a paper problem). They weren't too windy worthy though, Isaac lamented "these things are broken"…I think I had the brads on too tight. But they sure look cute. 🙂 Rach- you and I are in the same boat…working into the wee hours of the night. Most of the time, my kids are in front of the tv. You could probably used starched fabric and make mini pinwheels for your shirts? How cute would that be on a pocket or sleeve? 🙂

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