>Sketch Every Day: 2.28.11


I can’t remember the last time I properly set our table for dinner.  Gone are the days of fancy china, spotless silverware, pretty folded napkins and individually plated courses.  Actually, I don’t remember if we really even had any of “those days”….we’re pretty casual diners (we don’t have a formal dining room…just a picnic style table in the kitchen). We seem to be more involved with enjoying the food, than the service and presentation of it.  Although I certainly do appreciate beautiful presentation, seeing that my parents were in the restaurant/hospitality business and I work with event planners and wedding coordinators every day. It’s just that we’re still coming out of the plastic plates and cups stage, since we have two little boys.  Not to mention, I can’t stand doing dishes, so whenever possible, we do one plate and one utensil meals…or *gasp* paper plates and plastic forks.

I think it’s time to get back to being proper…at least every now and then.  If anything, to teach our sons some dining etiquette and to treat our evening family meal as a special experience. So I’m going to try and break out the nice dishes every once in awhile, put down a table cloth, set a full place setting with a fork, knife and spoon, light some candles and show off some of the fancy napkin folding skills I learned from my days working at my parents’ restaurants. Haha…we’ll see…paper plates are still on the top of my Costco shopping list.


I found some interesting characters (all sketched in blue on different dates) in Mason’s little sketchbook.  I guess we could call it his “blue period”….
Little monster…

Finn from Adventure Time…
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  1. >What a talented family!

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