>Luv-Bot, You’re Going Home…


To pick the giveaway winner, I decided to go old school and actually do a drawing for the name, rather than use a random number generator.  So I went through and made a list by copying/pasting all the names of the entrants who a) made a comment on my facebook wall, b) became a new “like” since the start of the giveaway, c) “liked” the posts pertaining to the giveaway, or d) and made a comment on my blog post about the giveaway.  If anyone referred someone to become a fan of EITAK’s facebook page for the giveaway, they also received another entry.  I printed out the list and cut all the names to create little strips, folded, put them in a bag and shook it around like crazy, then poured the names into this dandy floral urn…

…mixed them around several times more, closed my eyes, reached in and picked one strip…


…Just so you know, for the heck of it, I tried a random number generator afterwards (since I had numbered the entrants on my list) and my sister, Julie Cruz (who had the most entries because she referred the most people) came up THREE times consecutively!  

Thanks everyone for being a part of the giveaway!  I’ll be doing more of these as I get ready to make new announcements for all the fun stuff EITAK Design has in store…so please keep following and thanks again for your support!
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One Response to >Luv-Bot, You’re Going Home…

  1. cArLa says:

    >congratulations brandie!!! you are so lucky!

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