>Found Object Stamps: Easy DIY Craft


Yesterday it rained,…I figured I should plan something crafty to do indoors with my boys, to keep them occupied so I could get work done.  Sure, popping in a movie, turning on xbox or convincing them to build something with Legos is the easy solution. But my boys are super imaginative – making up games, going through their costume trunk to play make believe, grabbing scrap paper and drawing…they always keep themselves occupied.  Still, I wanted to try something different and let them explore creatively.  

I’m totally addicted to Pinterest…my sister introduced me to this fabulous web app awhile ago and (when I have a spare moment) I’ve become completely hooked putting together inspiration boards and curating collections of things that I love. And it’s great for finding crafty projects that I can do with my kids. Here are two Martha Stewart crafts (that I remember from previous issues, but was recently reminded of on Pinterest)…thought this would be fun to do with my boys on a rainy day.

I went around the house looking for things I already had to create these stamps (no time to run out to the store for celery or the radicchio di Treviso pictured above…although those would have produced better looking rose-shaped stamps). Just find everyday objects to explore what type of impressions they make.

And of course, it’s beautiful and sunny out today…so much for a rainy day project! But now we at least have a project we can “save for a rainy day.”   Hmmm, maybe I should put some celery on my shopping list for next time.  🙂

This is what Isaac (4) and I came up with today. 

Iceberg lettuce, pine cones, corks, cardboard toilet paper tubes, buttons and screws/bolts.

Using a glue gun, I stuck extra buttons and some hardware (upper left, that’s screw of some sort I found on my husband’s workbench in the garage) onto corks.  Play around with the stamping, be sure to wipe the excess ink or paint off the button after each impression.  If you have time, you can even carve a design out of a cork.
Hard to see (bad photo), here we stamped a retro flower design onto a notecard using a few of the button stamps.

…Would certainly work better with celery or a more sturdy-stalk leafy veggie.
…but I think we made it work with some red crayon squiggles and doodles…
Yep, toilet paper cardboard tubes…

With a cork stamp in the middle…
This might be cool fabric design…or wrapping paper…
The bottom of a pine cone…looks like a dandelion or dahlia.

Found object stamps…for making your own wrapping paper, note cards, envelope and even a clay gift topper.
Some other things that might be fun to try for stamping: lace, burlap, leaves, shells, cereal (like Honeycombs or Cheerios), cookie cutters….what can you find around your home that would make a fun impression?
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3 Responses to >Found Object Stamps: Easy DIY Craft

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Amazing and so cute, as usual!Love, Nana

  2. Katie C says:

    >You absolutely amaze me ❤

  3. Fauxology says:

    >LOVE this! I've always wanted to paint my own wrapping paper to give to my family during the holidays, birthdays and what not and you have inspired me. I'll have to pass along any objects I find that make interesting patterns…

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