>Sketch Every Day: 2.13.11


I’m gearing up for a little giveaway on EITAK Design’s facebook page tomorrow for Valentine’s Day, so here’s a little hint.  Isn’t this little “love-bot” just darling?  I sketched him up really quickly this morning and now I have some painting projects for friends and clients to work on.  Please check back tomorrow for some fun stuff and a little love-fest.  

Here’s a picture Mason drew a couple of years ago of his favorite “dudes”: snowman, skeleton, scarecrow and robot.  I wish I could date all his sketches as he draws them, but I find many of them hidden randomly and have no idea when he drew them.  This page was found in an old coloring book as I was going through the kids’ books to donate, so judging by the style of the skeleton, I’d have to guess that he did this when he was four?

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2 Responses to >Sketch Every Day: 2.13.11

  1. Chris says:

    >Love it! Love it! I have a thing for robots and this is one of the best I've seen. Seriously great.

  2. EITAKdesign says:

    >Thanks, Chris! I have a thing for robots too…stay tuned for my giveaway, I think you'll like it. 🙂

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