>Sketch Every Day: 2.12.11


I’m getting to my sketch a little late tonight.  We had our annual Chinese New Year “family” dinner and it was too much fun…I almost forgot about the sketch…almost.  

It was a full day of cooking and prepping.  I tried my hand at making homemade dumplings for the first time (my mom usually makes the filling, we’ve always just helped wrap). I’m so pleased to be able to continue this family tradition of making dumplings to celebrate the Lunar New Year, with the help of my sisters (Mary and Julie), niece (Maylie) and dear friend, Cho (who is like a sister to us). I have many wonderful memories of helping my mother make dumplings, sitting around the table, chit-chatting, sipping Jasmine (or Oolong or Pu-erh) tea, while wrapping hundreds of delicious little “purses” stuffed with pork, shrimp, chives, ginger, cabbage, mushrooms and water chestnuts. These little “jiaozi” symbolize many family memories and traditions, so much wrapped up in such tiny package.

My belly is SO full…we’ve been eating all day/night! As usual, everything was delicious and we had such an amazing time together: eating, talking, laughing, dancing, singing, playing our favorite games and just enjoying our “family time.”  Seriously, I have THE COOLEST family/friends ever…we’ve been doing family dinners together like this for years. It doesn’t get better than this. 

Anyway, I think I’ve had one too many lychee martinis, so here’s a quick sketch…followed by some pictures from tonight’s dinner (the kids and I were having too much fun playing, I forgot to take any pictures of their drawings).

The DELICIOUS Lychee Martini…

Tea boiled eggs…

Jeff’s beautifully plated, savory turnip cakes.

Oranges always decorate the Chinese New Year table.

Our homemade dumplings.

YUM!  (That’s a dragon fruit in the background)

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