>Sketch Every Day: 2.6.11


Have you ever gone to a make up counter at a department store or MAC (my personal fave…and not just because they have a Wonder Woman Colour line out for Spring 2011..eeekkk I’m so excited) and have a trial application done?  Isn’t it neat when they apply all the colors and products used onto a paper “model” and make notations so that you’ll know what to buy and how to apply everything when you get home? As a kid, I used to practice my own imaginary make-up ideas and color combos all the time…first drawing the face of my model using simple lines and then “borrowing” any of my mom’s eye shadows, lipsticks and blush I could find, so I could play “make up artist”. 

I still do it every now and then.  Last year, at my niece’s 10th birthday “Rock Star” party, we had make up, hair and styling “stations” to help the girls get “glammed up” and I gave some of the girls make up ideas using these paper practice sheets. So today’s sketch is just a little jog down memory lane and how much fun I had drawing pretty faces and applying make up.  And also, because I’m a huge Wonder Woman fan and I am unabashedly SUPER excited to find out about MAC’s new line.  

I referenced a model from an advertisement in a fashion magazine.

…And while we’re on the subject of paper faces…these sketches Mason drew today just cracked me up (once he described them to me).

“This dude’s eyes are starting to water because he’s having a Staring Contest…”
“….his eyes are watering like CRAZY, now!”

The winner of the Staring Contest…note the missing tooth.

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One Response to >Sketch Every Day: 2.6.11

  1. Anonymous says:

    >I love the fact that you are featuring Mason's drawings along with yours Katie (from Nana).

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