>Sketch Every Day: 2.5.11


Starting today off with some of Mason’s sketches (in oil pastel)

I would love a moment (er, a month is probably a more accurate time frame, give or take a week) to really organize my office….a.k.a. the loft.  It’s not that big of a room, but the dandy storage benches that my husband built hold A LOT of stuff…stuff that needs to be looked over and purged.  To go through my extensive collection of papers, invitation samples, handmade paper scraps, crafting/painting/art supplies is a huge undertaking in itself that would require complete focus and my undivided attention.  That means no other work, deadlines, painting jobs, household duties, social interaction with the outside world, etc.  

Secretly, I’ve been dreaming of an outside studio space, away from home, where I can freely store my collections and supplies, do most of the production work for my stationery, and occasionally meet with clients.  Maybe one day.  But for now, there’s no way to separate my work life from my home life, as they are so intertwined (I’ve been doing it this way for over 10 years).  And I work all the time.  At night, when the kids are in bed, I’m on the laptop designing or assembling invitations.  I have a so-called studio space in the tandem part of our garage that houses all my painting supplies.  But it’s not exactly a place where I like to work or paint…especially now that my husband’s ’66 GTO restoration project has taken over most of the space.  And at 11 o’clock at night, I’d rather paint or assemble invitations in the comfort of my family room, watching my DVR’d shows and sipping on my nightly cup of jasmine green tea, rather than sit alone in the garage surrounded by car parts.  

But I digress….(I catch myself rambling all the time). With the idea of organizing paper and my office in the back of my mind, I’m always on the lookout for cool things that would aid in this endeavor…furniture or storage options that don’t look like filing or office equipment, but would serve the purpose. And of course with my eclectic taste for things with an old world, vintage and retro “flavor”, I like the idea of finding something out there with a bit of history or charming story that could find a new life serving a practical purpose in mine.

While on the hunt for an old window pane to use for a client’s wedding, I ended up finding some of the things I had in the back of my mind on an “antiquing” adventure with my husband and kids. Yes, my boys love looking at “old stuff”…it’s so great to see how curious they are about what things were used for and I love the spark of future curator/collector I see in their eyes.  Mason mentioned that he would love to collect old things and start a museum in his room!  He was really excited about an old war medal, as well as a gold sword lapel pin that the shop owner (Architectural Relics in Escondido) let him hold.  Anyway, while antiquing with my family, I found a few things that I would love to have for my office organization project (as well some things I just found interesting).

Oh, that’s right….this is a “Sketch Every Day” post, so here’s today’s REALLY quick (like maybe 2 minute) sketch of what I’m looking for (followed by today’s finds)

I need something with A LOT of drawers…
THIS is what I need….a room full of these antique print shop storage drawers for all my papers, in a wider size.  This one looks as though it’s made out of an old shipping crate.  I would need to change the numbers on the fronts and either do my own lettering or sequence of numbers. I like the divided drawers used as display shelves sitting on top as well.  
These old sewing table drawers would be perfect for storing some of my paper crafting supplies, stamp blocks, specialty tools, even brushes and pens.  I love the ornate embellishment on the sides and the beautiful drawer fronts.

I’ve always wanted doors like these to use as a headboard for our bed.  Absolutely gorgeous.
This ornately carved wooden shelf would be great for displaying the little knick-knacks I have around my office…or my favorite invitation samples…or just a lovely potted plant.  I also adore the metal doorway decoration laying below. 
LOVE.  This would be cool with the high ceiling of our living room.
I was surprised, yet delighted, to find an authentic Gothic cathedral confessional at the back of the store.  I have no idea how or where this would work in a home…but I think it’s beautiful.  My kids thought it was a little playhouse. 


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