>No Naked Glass! Easy Votive Cover-Ups


I picked up these glass vase/votive holders at Dollar Tree a few months ago, with the intention of trying out a decoupage project using family photos and my paper ephemera collection…but just haven’t had a chance to get around to it. They were only $1, so you can’t beat the price, they can be used for almost anything. But they’ve just been sitting around, doing nothing, looking kinda naked…so I decided to “dress them up.”

Simple glass vases from Dollar Tree…
While working on a print job, I just sifted through the “stuff” I have in my office and around the house to find things I could use to create different “looks” for these glass cylinders. It’s so simple and beyond easy, that I didn’t want to “dumb it down” by showing you a step-by-step. I know you’re all pretty crafty!  It’s really just a matter of finding things you have around the house (paper scraps, wrapping paper, tissue, newspaper, magazine pages, ribbon, twine, etc., etc.)!  

It was kind of fun…and so easy to just change up the look of a centerpiece, votive, container by simply cutting and wrapping a piece of paper around the glass. It’s perfect for seasonal decor, birthday parties/events, or just to give yourself a change of color or pattern to fit your particular mood! I like the idea of using them at parties for table numbers, holding utensils, or to create a totally coordinated and colorful candy buffet…I could go on and on…

Here are just a few quick options I whipped up while feeding the printer. I basically cleared out a section of the bookcase for a “vignette” space.

Woodsy theme using faux bois tissue paper from Cost Plus, grosgrain ribbon, twine and tea-stained muslin bags I had leftover from Mason’s birthday party favor bags.

For the number, I cut a circle from woodgrain embossed paper I have and used white chalk to handwrite the “1”…I love how the chalk picks up the embossing.

Since today is the start of Chinese New Year celebrations, I had to set something up with decorations I have: garlands of Chinese Zodiac animals, a little clay figurine representing the Year of the Rabbit, flanked by two ceramic lions, votives filled with rice and watermelon seeds, and one wrapped with workbook papers I had from Chinese school as a kid.
Rossi Manuscript Paper: Music, Map, Script.
Torn tissue paper, wrapped with Paper-Source paper scrap bands, cake favor box by Envelopments.
Handmade paper, table number and monogram printed on metallic vellum, satin ribbon, crystals and rhinestones.
I had some party napkins in the pantry that I found at HomeGoods about six years ago (with the intention of using them for one of the kids’ parties).  They are too cute with the French alphabet and primary colors.  So I wrapped one around a votive and filled the others with crayons, colored pencils and some “retro” candy favorites.

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