>Sketch Every Day: 1.31.11


Chinese New Year celebrations start this week…and even though I am in the midst of designing my annual Chinese New Year family card (which will go out late but hopefully still within the month of February), I have not begun my traditional preparations (a.k.a. planned anything yet). The idea is to have a family dinner one weekend, make dumplings, cook a bunch of our favorite Chinese dishes, eat rice cake, give the kids red envelopes and have an excuse to make a drink with lychee liqueur (my friend Allison knows what I’m talking about here).  

In the meantime, here’s a sketch of one of my favorite flowers, the Peony. Peonies always remind me of beautiful Chinese watercolor paintings, meticulously embroidered silk and colorful mooncake tins.  

According to Wikipedia, “The peony is among the longest-used flowers in ornamental culture and is one of the smallest living creature national emblems in China. It is known as the “flower of riches and honour,” and is used symbolically in Chinese art.” Peonies also symbolize romance, beauty and peace.  

On another note, here’s a fun “Iron Man” drawing Mason did almost exactly a year ago (when he was five and in kindergarten).  Notice the skull drawing seeping through from the other side?

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